Blogger ChitChat: Week Two

11 March 2015|

Wednesday is hump day and link up day with Claudz and Chantelle – welcome to the the chit chat!

Week Two

1. What is your guilty pleasure?

Chantelle: Lying on the couch in my pjs, with junk food and watching series for an entire day.

Claudz: Chocolate, wine and going somewhere I forget about time.

Caley: Sleep, chocolate and massages.

2. What’s in your fridge right now?

Chantelle: An apple, pear, feta cheese, about 5 rosa tomatoes, margarine, a lamb chop wrapped in foil, an egg and a jug of water as well as a box of Cranberry flavoured vodka.

Claudz: Eggs, butter, margarine, various sauces and pickles, 1 cucumber, iced tea, milk, rose win and that;s about it. We’re not home for the next three nights so no point in having too much in there.

Caley: Milk, cheese, yoghurt, fruit (apples, oranges, naartjies, grapes litchis and bananas), vegetables (carrots, broccoli, green beans, ago, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber), mince, chicken, trout, salami, leftover cheesecake, ice tea, garlic and sauces.

3. Do you believe in sex before marriage? Please explain.

Chantelle: People are no longer getting married all the time, rather choosing to live together instead. When they are getting married, they are doing it later in life, sometimes to save the money for the wedding, other times not rushing into something. To expect these people to not have sex before marriage is unrealistic. Perhaps sex before marriage isn’t the main issue, I think we should be worried about the emotional maturity of the people having sex.

Claudz: I do and I don’t. Sometimes I think sex is just sex and it’s a basic instinct and why not get it out of your system when you feel the urge. But then I think that sex is only for those who within marriage – a way for couples to connect and express their love. To give an answer though – yes, I believe in sex before marriage but not outside of a safe and secure space (if your one night stand is “safe” then you’re ok). Always be sure that it’s what you want to do and understand that there are always consequences.

Caley: Sex before marriage is a difficult one for me – I don’t believe in sleeping around or with anyone that you don’t live or plan to marry but some couples may be together for years before getting engaged and I don’t know if the expectation of the first night on your wedding night is a good one.  

Stay tuned for Week Three next Wednesday


  1. I'm loving this series so much – it's so fun and refreshing to hear three different opinions and answers to random little things such as what's in your fridge, and then of course the more serious topics such as sex before marriage. Can't wait for next week's post xx

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