12 March 2015|

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It’s been one of those weeks – the crazy, busy, emotional type that leave you drained and exhausted… And it’s not even over yet!
A few weeks ago, I read this cute blog post from Texas Mrs.

ABC of Me

A – Artist: Luke Bryan and Ed Sheeran.
B – Blog: I don’t have one favorite blog, but a few of my favourites: Carolina CharmMr Thomas And MeHanging with the Hewitts and It Is What You Make it and so many more…
C – Celebrity: Girl crushing on Reese Witherspoon.
D – Dessert: Ice-cream and BarOne chocolate sauce.
E – Exercise: Weight training in a gym.
F – Flower: Proteas.
G – Guilty Pleasure: Sleep and me time.
H – Hack: these beauty hacks are brilliant, but my favorite is #5 and #42.
I – Iphone App: Camera+ to take photos.
J – Jewelry: Wedding, engagement and maternity/eternity bands.
K – Keepsake: I love photos and memories of my girls, as well as all birthday/Christmas/Valentines cards from MC.
L – Laugh: The stories from a toddler!
M – Movie: Gone Girl, A Walk to Remember, Dirty Dancing.
N – Number: 13 is my favourite and lucky number.
O – Outfit: Jeans and a tee.
P – Pin: I love my Wedding board – so magical and dreamy.
R – Restaurant: Marco Paulos and Willoughbys in Cape Town.
S – Store: Country Road and Cotton On.
T – TV show: Elementary, Stalker, PLL.
U – Urban Decay product: I’ve never tried or owned one.
V – Vacation spot: Mauritius.
– Website: I love my blog reading so Bloglovin it is…
X – I hate this letter so I’m not using it.
Y – YouTuber: No one special – I just search random videos.
Z – Zodiac Sign: I’m a true Leo.

What are your ABC’s?


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