Valentines Wish List

12 February 2015|

Valentines Day Wish List

I am a real romantic at heart and one of my love languages is Gifts so Valentine’s Day is a perfect celebration for me – coupled with the fact that I am head over heels in love with the man in my life, my husband.

I love to love, feel loved and get spoilt on the odd occasion.
These are on my list this year…

1. Clarisonic facial cleanser
2. Issey Miyake Original
3. Rose gold bracelet
4. Flowers
5. Pink girly pyjamas
6. Lacey no underwire bra
7. Fitbit

What are your wishes this luuuuurve day?


  1. I need to send this list to Michael and just say the words "ditto". I wish I wasn't so lacking in the chest area so that bra would look half ways decent on me. I say that a fitbit is a must. I am obsessed with mine. Definitely worth it.

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