Happy 30th Nix

09 February 2015|

One of my best friends, Nicole celebrated her 30th birthday this weekend.
Nix is one of the first of our friends to turn 30 and her birthday weekend kicks off a whole year of 30th birthdays (including my own!)
Happy birthday Dude,
Thank you for many happy years of friendship and special memories.
30 anecdotes about you on your birthday
14 years of friendship
Awkward teens becoming friends in Grade 8
Home Economics cooking disasters
From sleepovers to discos
Sneaking into Calicos and Cloud 9
Drak Challenge promotions
bikini obsessions
First boyfriends and break ups
Dance offs
Revealing matrix dance dresses
Spice girls sign offs
Au pairing Kristin
Laughing until we wet ourselves
Break up day cocktails at Taco Zulu
Setting up your classroom
Exchanging clothes
Week night parties at Clapham
Secret engagement lunch at Market
Zulu maiden hens party
Last man standing at our wedding
Your first home and crazy housewarming
Little Bo Peep baby shower
Teaching SJ to pull tongues
Hospital run with two beers with EN was born
The dude my kiddies adore
Strength and tears during sad times
Hula girl hens party
Dance floor push ups at your wedding
Marrying best friends
Another 30 years together…

May your 30th year be your best year yet!

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