Five on Friday

20 February 2015|

This Friday is bittersweet – yay for the weekend with my sweet family but nay that Sunday brings another business trip for my hubs – how horrible is it saying goodbye??
Friday means link up day: Five on Friday with Christina and friends, and Oh Hey Friday! with Karli and Amy.

Favourite Mommy Bloggers

This doesn’t mean that these lovely ladies only blog about being a momma but as a momma, they inspire me in so many different ways and they are my religious daily reads.

1. Emily Ley. This pretty momma is nothing short of amazing. She is beautiful both inside and out, own and runs one of the most successful planner businesses and is an incredible momma to gorgeous little Brady and now the most perfect pigeon pair twins, Caroline and Tyler. Emily has so much passion for all that she does – her thriving business (I just love my planner!), her supportive husband, her precious family and a faithful follower of Christ. I am in awe of the patience and perseverance she showed throughout her pregnancy with the twins – from bed rest to hospital visits, she kept them baking and gave birth to two healthy little miracles.

2. Carolina Charm. Christina is a beautiful and down to earth momma with the most gorgeous hair. Her sweet little Caroline was born on the same day as our little EN and it has been a joy to watch her grow and develop as we experience the same ages and milestones. Christina hosts beautiful parties, makes the most delicious recipes and kept up a great pregnancy journal. The best news is that is pregnant again with her second little miracle – so exciting!

3. Mr & Mrs Powell. Karina is gorgeous – her beautiful tan, toned body, picture perfect smile and long locks – but the most beautiful thing about her is her personality. We keep in touch often and my biggest regret on our recent trip to the States is not being able to meet her and her gorgeous little man, Ryan. Good looks run in this family… Karina has just moved into her dream home and already her home posts are too die for. She has great inspiration from her pretty momma who has a home out of a decor magazine and the cutest playroom for little Ryan. Karina lives for her family and is an inspiration to us all.

4. Tied with a Bouw. Sonja is a glam momma – she has a wardrobe to swoon over and style we all envy. I love the way she loves bright colours and manages to put outfits and home decor together so well. She two of the cutest little princesses and their holidays in Australia to their move to Chicago, the pops of colour in their home to her gorgeous bright lipstick, and her creative lunch and dinner meals – I just love this momma.

5. Hanging with the Hewitts. Caycee is a true and genuine momma and blogger. She has great style and puts clothing pieces together so well – she always looks great! She loves and adores her little man and princess and I love their family photos and traditions. Caycee’s blog always has me coming back for me – gorgeous clothes, delicious meals, her pretty home, fun kiddies photos and her determination and motivation to stay healthy and fit.

There are so many gorgeous mommas out there and these are just a few of my favourite – be sure to stop by and show them some love.
Happy weekend


  1. Oh darling, you are beyond sweet! Thank-you so much for for your kind words. I know we have never met but your beautiful nature and your love for your husband, your girls and friends shines through so brightly! xxx

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