EN – 8 Months

02 February 2015|

Month 8: (even though she is 9 months soon!)

Weight: 8,6kgs

Height: 68cm

Clothing size: Still a big size 3-6 months and small size 6-12 months.

Diaper size: Size 4

Feeding: 6am – cereal and fruit with yoghurt, 9am – bottle and sandwich, 12pm – veg, prtein and starch mix and fruit, 3pm – bottle, 6pm – veg mix, cereal and a bottle.

Sleep: This month was a tricky sleeping month, she seemed to go backwards a bit. We are putting it down to being sick, teething and traveling. She was happy to still sleep twice during the day but took her a while to settle. She went down easily at night but then woke between midnight and 2am, and then started needing a dummy from 4am and wide awake at 5am.

Milestones: EN is standing when supported, picking up small objects and she “calls” when in another room. She is desperately trying to move – leaning forward and rocking and trying to get onto all fours. She is slowly perfecting her wave.

Loves: Her big sister, her daddy, her Gogo, her dummy, her teething rings, fruit and any solids to chew on, swimming in the pool, splashing in the bath and someone singing to her.

Dislikes: Being left alone in a room (unless to sleep!), anything touching or wiping her face and her big sister playing rough.

Adventures: Ellie went on her first overseas holiday this month as well as celebrate her first Christmas. She traveled so well – sleeping on both flights and she adapted to London’s chilly Winter very well. She was happy and smily even through a nasty cold and she loved all the wrapping and boxes and new toys she got for Christmas.

Mommy & Daddy could not live without: Each other. Life with a baby (and a toddler) isn’t always easy – especially when traveling across the globe. But together, we have realised that we can conquer and get through anything. We have an understanding and we stand by each other through thick or thin, good times and bad, smiles and tears and in the deepest dark of the night. I am so lucky to be doing life and parenthood with you, MC. 

SJ’s Month 8 here.

*Monthly pictures taken by the talented, Bron Fourie from Vanilla Photography


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