My “word” for 2015: Simplify

12 January 2015| ,

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I have read a few blogs lately that have highlighted the bloggers ‘word’ for the year.

I’ve never really known or been familiar with this concept of choosing a ‘word’ for the year and applying it to life, but I think it really is a great idea.

Ashley’s post really had me thinking about my own ‘word’ for 2015 and one kept ringing the bells and lighting the bulbs in my heart and mind…


There is so much in my life that I need to simplify: family, friends, clothes, socialising, admin, exercise, food… It all seems so complicated and this is the year that I have decided to take a step back and simplify, and these are a few ways how…

Putting our family of four first. This may upset others and not suit them or be easy for them but unfortunately, we often put others first and to the detriment of our little family – being out of routine or getting sick or getting tired. No more of that.

Saying No. A little like the above – we normally aim to please everyone and end up saying yes to every social engagement or favour asked. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work for us so we will be making sure that attend the important events and be flexible with others.

Removing the toxic. Unfortunately, we have allowed ourselves to be sucked in (and spat) by many people we considered friends. These lovely people are still around in social circles but we are more wary of those we really let in and closer to our hearts. We have experienced hurt and disappointment too many times, and gone the extra mile for people that don’t really appreciate this or would ever consider to do the same for us. There is no space or energy for these people in our lives.

Clothing. This is my year to clean out and then shop smartly and with purpose. I sometimes buy on a whim, wear once and then push to the back of the cupboard and never worn again. Each purchase needs to be clearly thought out, matched to an outfit and then bought – and then worn regularly. This also allows for classic, elegant and good quality items to be purchased.

Food. I am all about the meal planning, healthy eating and easy preparation of food this year. We are a busy house and preparation is key to making this all work. Sundays are plan and prep days and this should allow for a good, healthy and clean week of eating and no wasting food.

Exercise. Clear and simple vision – get up and go. With a busy and ever changing schedule, it is hard for me to always commit to a class or set time to train. I have now found what works for me and I will be trying my best to stick to it – only having myself to track my progress and reward my good doing – no answering to anyone else.

Clutter. A good clean out of our house is slowly underway. Only items that are used and have a purpose will stay. I am not a hoarder or sentimental about anything – everything has its place until it is no longer needed and then out it goes. Simple is key to a happy and organised home.

I couldn’t agree more with the quote above:
A simple life is a beautiful life


  1. I love this!
    We have also decided that this year we will put ourselves first as we spent 2014 trying to please the extended family too much.
    Yes to simplifying the wardrobe – we need the basics and a few treats, not a wear once item. It's not easy but makes sense!
    I like the idea of the weekly meal planning and of exercising when your schedule allows.
    Good luck! Looking forward to your simplified journey

  2. This post has opened my eyes up and made me realise just how much I am affected by pretty much the same as you. Very much agree on removing the toxic(ness). Life is too short and there is no space for fakeness and nastiness. And yes, more excercise is defo needed in my household! Thanks for always giving us such great reads and helping us overcome some of the obstacles we are faced with by stating the truths and lending advcie. XX

  3. Amazing, amazing, amazing word for you my sweet friend. I love the simplifying of your precious life and making sure that you and your family is always put first. You all deserve that from one another.

  4. It's such a beautiful and powerful word and I feel like a lot of people are wanting to simply their lives moreā€¦ I certainly feel this way, which is a BIG thing for an embarrassed hoarder!

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