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23 January 2015|

My sweet friend, Amber has a way with words. I love reading the words she has to write. She says everything so well and so beautifully. And now she is encouraging us all to write monthly letters… This month’s letter is to my better half, my husband MC.
January’s letter prompt is: Refreshment

Dear MC,
Another year has begun, our ninth year together. I don’t know about you but nine years is a really long time (almost a decade) yet it seems like just the other day, we started this journey together. With a new year comes new beginnings, new goals and new ways to make life work for us. 
The way you start your year and the way you start each day is… refreshing. Never have I met a man (or any person) that starts a day with such positivity. Your smile each morning lights up my world (my not so smiley, not a morning person world). It doesn’t matter how many hours sleep you got the night before – a full 8 hours because both girls were in lala land or a broken 3 hours because one was sick and one had nightmares, the smile is still there in the morning. you get up, smile and are raring to go. 
The way you embrace every day is… refreshing. As busy as it may be, as hectic as your gym session may be or as many grumpy, sulky, moaning text messages I send you – you are still raring to go and looking for the best in every thing and every one.
The way you see the good and positive in all situations – from the businessman who has betrayed you, to a friend who has forgotten you, to a family member who doesn’t repay a favour or a nasty behind your back comment made about you – you try and find the good and find a reason why these things have happened. You are a true role model, a man with a heart of gold.
Living with you and being your wife is… refreshing. I learn so much from you and each day, I am a stronger, kinder, more caring and loving person with a bigger smile on my face and more positivity in my heart. Because of you. 
Thank you.
Love, Your Bride 


  1. What a perfect letter to the man that makes you smile. I love the friendship and relationship that y'all have friend. It's so great to stop and think about what makes us love our husbands every now and then. 🙂

  2. Seriously. Husbands are the best. At least, that's how I feel… But there's a chance I might be biased. 🙂

    I love you friend. And I love the set Christmas card we just got form you and yours. Those girls you two have made are such testament to the beautiful love you share. 🙂

  3. Isn't great to have refreshing people in your life? It really takes a special person to bring this sort of positivity and light into everyday life – the good and the bad. You sound like you have a great one!

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