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19 December 2014|

I cannot believe this is the second to last Friday of 2014 – how scary but also how exciting?!
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We had our Annual Bookclub Christmas Dinner this week so these are my Friday favourites.
1. Book Club. We joined our book club at the beginning of 2011 – a random group of us decided we wanted to start a book club. So we all joined together from all walks of life – some school friends, some university friends, some work friends, some friends of friends. It has been four years of great fun – monthly catch ups with tears and laughter and we have all been through so much together – new homes, new jobs, engagements, weddings, babies, deaths and divorces. A very special group that I hope lasts a lifetime.
2. Christmas Table. With us not being in our own home for Christmas this year, this was my chance to ‘host’ a Christmas dinner and prepare a Christmas table. A simple table of red festive decor. 
3. Christmas Dinner. This year we decided to posit the meals between us all – starters, mains, dessert and drinks. Our starters were stuffed jalapeños, basil and tomato pastries, pin wheels and a cheese board. Mains were chicken, gammon, fillet with roast potatoes and vegetables. Dessert was a trio of italian kisses, jelly and custard shots, mince pies with Amarula ice cream. A very tasty meal.
4. Besties. Nothing like two bests arriving in the exact same outfit. One of my bestest friends who always arrives early to help and is the last man standing with me on the dance floor – and my Christmas twin for the night. 
5. Dancefloor Shenanigans. A good night always ends on a dance floor. After a few glasses of wine and champagne, and caramel shots – we ended up at a local dance club for many more laughs from shocking people with dodgy photos, playing the role of club DJ and just busting a few moves – we had fun. Great way to end 2014!


  1. I had such a giggle…Karolina and I end up doing that all the time – it can be subtle things from both arriving with buns and red lipstick or braids and white jeans etc… We do it all the time and even when she posts Instagram pics in JHB, I'll be wearing something identical in CT. BFFs must have Twin Telepathy 😉
    Your Christmas party looked absolutely stunning (and delicious) and I literally gasped when I read: Second last Friday of 2014!

  2. I am so glad I have a chance to finally sit and catch up with you friend. I have missed our chats. I'm so jealous of your awesome book club group. I so wish I had that here in Texas. Maybe one day… Your table looked amazing and I love that you and your best friend showed up in the same outfit. Hope you had an amazing morning and have a great holiday!

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