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03 November 2014|

Hi friends. While Caley is on her way to see ME…..ok and other people who adore her along with the fun that the U.S has to offer, she has so graciously let me grace her blog during her absence. One of the things that I love most about the blog world is that it brings women like us together through a simple comment on each other’s blog. I am so thankful to know Cals and am so stinking excited to hug her neck (or when you read this…to have hugged her neck)
If one quote were to explain me, this one would be it. 
After a vacation, a weekend away, or some time with people you love, do you ever just stop and think about the things that you could change to keep that happiness that you feel in that moment? Michael and I took a weekend trip last weekend and the whole time we were away, I was overwhelmed with happiness. Nothing else mattered to me besides just being there, in that moment with him. I rarely was on my phone and I didn’t feel anxious or worried about anything going on at home. My mind was just relaxed. 

Our trip was seriously everything that we both needed and so much more. As I sit here, thinking about the things we did over the weekend, I want to just bottle up that happiness and drink it every morning. Does that make any sense? While we were away from the little stresses of life, I felt inspired, ready to tackle the world. I thought about things I wanted to do in my classroom, attitude changes that I wanted to make, things I wanted to accomplish…
Yet…as soon as we started our drive home and even more when we got home, that inspiration seemed to just fly out the window. I wanted to just lay around, relax, and not do any of the things I thought were so important just a few days ago. It makes me frustrated at myself. I know vacations relax you, inspire you, multiply your happy endorphin.
So what’s stopping me from having vacation happiness here at home? The obvious answer to that question is myself. When we got home, I fell into the pattern of just being here. I was happy to be back in our little house but I knew it meant Michael and I being separated thanks to work schedules. So as I’m sitting here, trying to motivate myself and figured the best way for an OCD person to do that is to make a list that I can come back to and remind myself of when I’m not feeling vacation happy. If you think of any more please add them to the list for me. 

1. Go outside. Even just a few minutes of sunlight is good for the soul. 
2. Get a cute glass and make yourself a fun drink. This will make it seem as though you are somewhere other than where you are. 
3. Read something. For me, reading has always been an escape. I can easily get lost in a book and forget what’s going on around me.
4. Make a 4 boxed list of 4 things to accomplish that day. Any more than 4 will make you feel overwhelmed but 4 is enough to make you feel accomplished and able to enjoy so couch time.
5. Try a new recipe
6. Watch your favorite movie, pop some popcorn and settle in with your favorite candy.
7. Explore your town. I have been wanting to do this but just haven’t. I want to take my camera, walk around, and just capture fun images of the place that I’ve lived for the last 4 years. 
8. Write and send some snail mail. People love getting it and it makes my heart happy to send it. 
9. Make something. Remember how happy it would make you as a child when it was time to go to art or when your teacher said you could color in a coloring book? That little piece of our brain never goes away. Even if you think you “aren’t crafty” like I know I’m not, just sitting down and doing it helps. 
10. Make a happy list. Remind yourself of all the great things going on around you or coming up. 

Any things I left out that we can add to the list to help us try and be vacation happy all the time? Let’s make a list for Cal because I know she will be excited to get back to see her sweet family but it will be hard to fall back into her routine. Thank you for reading along to today! Have a great day and be happy! 


  1. Hi Ashley! Nice to "meet" you… I adored this post! It's so true… I always feel so inspired and ready to do things – to be super productive and as soon as I get home, that flies out the window and I don't feel like doing any of it. It's beyond weird!! I love your tips… especially number 4! I'll give that a bash today! I'm looking forward to reading your blog too!
    Much love, Bailey from Vanilla Blonde

  2. Great post and lovely tips.
    I love printing photos from our trip or displaying something I bought for the house. When I see it, I'm instantly transported to that moment!

  3. These are such great tips, I have also just returned from a mini getaway and have really focused on savouring every moment, and reminding myself of the fun my hub and I had together. I find writing in my gratitude journal really helps keep me focused, positive and happy!

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