September Goals: TICK

15 October 2014|

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Goals are a bit late with all the #Blogtober14 madness!!

So, how well did I do in September?

This month flew by in a flash – it was a crazy, busy month!!
  • Kiss my husband every day I did this but not actively
  • Tell SJ and EN I love them, every day Every single day
  • Pray every day We pray as a family but I need more individual/alone prayer time
  • Spend more time with Jesus. Very sad to say, I have not made enough time for this
  • Save R1000 Done!
  • Complete meal plans each week. I did not even plan one!!
  • Read two books I read one
  • Have and recover from minor surgery All went well and I have full recovered
  • Take long walks whilst I can’t run. Not even once!
  • Cook two special meals at home. I cooked but there was nothing special about them!
  • Bake two tasty recipes I baked once, recipe coming soon
  • Drink more water 8-10 glasses per day, go me!
  • Lose 1kg Yay!
  • Enjoy two date nights. Both were cancelled 🙁
  • Celebrate my FIL’s birthday
  • Celebrate our godson’s 2nd birthday
  • Host and enjoy a bachelorette party
  • Attend a 30th birthday I was man down with gastro!
  • Plan and buy MC’s anniversary gift
  • Plan a fun itinerary for our overseas trip. It’s in two weeks and we haven’t even started!
  • Complete two crafts with SJ We did one craft of painting!
  • Book and enjoy a facial. Next month!
  • Send two pen pal letters to blogging friends. I sent packages but no letters.
  • Order EN’s canvas prints. Still deciding…
  • Complete photo books for SJ’s birthday and EN’s newborn pics Can’t wait for them to arrive!
  • Hang red frames in our bar. Not done, again!!

15 out of 26
That is shocking!! October has to be a better month.


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