EN – 5 months

29 October 2014|

Month 5
Weight: 7,4kgs
Height: 64cm
Clothing size: 3-6 months (although those are starting to get pretty tight!)
Diaper size: Size 2 but moving to size 3
Feeding: A 210ml bottle every 3 hours (7am, 10am, 12.30pm, 3pm and 6pm) and we added rice cereal at the 7am feed. Little Ellie loved the cereal – first experimenting with it and now enjoying it and swallowing it.
Sleep: Through the night from 7pm – 7am (still the odd dummy run though).
Milestones: She plays constantly with rattles and other toys, she is slowly starting to reach our for toys (a little behind with this), she puts everything in her mouth and has started responding to other people other than MC and I. She smiles at the mirror and is sitting with support (she has also sat for a few seconds with no support)>
Loves: Her big sister, mommy and daddy, Gogo, being tickled, bath time, cereal and toys.
Dislikes: Being hungry, being cold and any loud, unfamiliar environments!
Adventures: Mom enjoyed a hens weekend away so Ellie spent all weekend with Daddy and big sister SJ. She also spent 4 days at the farm for Gregg and Nicole’s wedding.
Mommy and Daddy could not live without: Her dummy – this is something new to us as SJ ditched her dummy (paci) at 2 months and has never had one since. Ellie loves her dummy and it really soothes her – it has been a great way to get her to settle when she cries and to give to her at night when she wakes.
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*Monthly pictures taken by the beautiful and talented Bron from Vanilla Photography


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