Blogtober14: Your biggest fear

20 October 2014|

Your biggest fear

I have mentioned this in a blog post before – I’m not scared of many things – not scared of lions or elephants in the bush, I’ve been free diving with sharks, I don’t mind spiders and creepy crawlies and I’m not scared of heights or flying etc. But two things that do terrify me are:

Snakes – those slimy, sly, sneaky and super dangerous creatures completely freak me out! it doesn’t matter how big or small, thin or fat, poisonous or not – I hate them! And if I see one, I will disappear in seconds – as far as I can possibly run in the opposite direction! 

Death – unfortunately, I can’t out run this one. It is inevitable. But knowing that I am going to lose loved ones one day is heart breaking and devastating for me. I cannot bare to think of living life without them… I am also scared of dying myself – I am a Christian and I believe in Heaven but I struggle to grasp the concept of a place I haven’t seen or been to…

What is your biggest fear?
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  1. Oh my gosh, free diving with sharks?! My hubs really wants to do that… and so do I! But I really am terrified that they will all decide to eat me at the same time 😉 ha ha. Even though I know they don't actually eat (or want to eat) humans! It's such an irrational fear thanks to freakin' Shark Week!
    I'm terrified of losing a loved one… I can't imagine the devastation. But I've also heard that dying is a really peaceful (for the most part) and spiritual experience. So if I could just die in my sleep, that would be great!

  2. love your honesty caley! death is such a scary thing, and i totally agree it is hard to grasp a place we have not seen. but the crazy thing is that god promises us it perfect up there!

    ps – i am so glad i found your blog. i think we have a mutual blog friend Sheila 🙂 and she pointed me in your direction and said you have a great heart. love reading your blog and learning about your family!

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