Blogtober14: I’m an expert at…

17 October 2014|

I’m an expert at…

Haha, don’t laugh. It is so true.
Just ask my husband!

I don’t think anyone can argue that sleeping is amazing.
I love a lazy sleep in in the morning, an afternoon snooze in the cool breeze and jumping into my warm, silky sheets at night.
Sleeping is a great hobbie, love language and favourite past time of mine.

Obviously, I would love to say I am an expert at something profound like numbers, giving advice, a special talent or something academic.
But I’m not! 

What are you an expert at?
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  1. This made me giggle. I wish I was an expert at sleep. My mind is running a constant race. It wakes me up too early and doesn't let me go to bed until late at night. Teach me your ways.

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