Blogtober14: If you were President

11 October 2014|

If you were President

If I was President… I wouldn’t be very good at it. I hate public speaking and I am pretty bad at making decisions. I am also not a fan of conflict.

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But to be more positive, if I were President…
No one would be homeless or starving
Education (foundation, intermediate, senior and tertiary) would be free and available to everyone
The education system would be strengthened
Medical services would be free and available to everyone
Free and equal rights to all
Outdoor activities would be encouraged
Religion would be encouraged in all cultures
Death penalty would be reinstated
Corruption would not be tolerated
Would be compulsory to “Go Green”
Salaries would be according to job description and performance
Sports teams chosen on performance, not race
World Peace
Make the World a better place

But really, this kid should be President

What would you do if you were President?
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