Blogtober14: Fall Fashion

16 October 2014|

Fall Fashion

As delightful as Fall sounds, we don’t really experience cold temperatures in Durban, South Africa so Fall fashion isn’t popular. Every now and then, we may bust out our favourite boots and scarves, but not often. In saying that, these are a few of my favourites…

via Pinterest

I love simple, tan boots paired with tights and a big shirt or chunky knit. I also love the casual baggy sweater and sneakers and the red Hunter boots are my absolute best! I am desperate for a pair!

What is your favourite Fall fashion?
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  1. It gets pretty cold in Hermanus, but I didn't even get to wear my boots this winter. But I don't mind too much because at least my nose didn't freeze off 😀 I really like that striped hoodie.

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