Blogtober14: Facts about Me

30 October 2014|

Facts about Me

Yes, that’s a little me and my uncle – SJ is my twin!! 

I’ve written a few random posts with facts about me so these are just a few more:

MC and I have been together for 8 years
Married for 4 years
We dated long distance for 4 years
I was an only child for 15 years and now have a half sister
My parents are divorced
My parents worked full time so my grandparents raised me
Most of my best friends have been brunettes
I attended an all girls school for all 12 years
I have a Bachelor of Arts degree
I also have a Post Graduate Certificate in Education
I had severe morning sickness in both pregnancies
I had two emergency c-sections
I always imagined myself as a “boy mom” and I now have two girls
I drive a black Audi Q5
I attend a book club and a wine club every month
I love hosting and planning parties
I designed our dream home
I was also the project manager on the building of our home
I wear contact lenses
I have one birth mark on my right ankle
I do not have my tonsils
I do not have my wisdom teeth
I do not have my appendix
I cracked my head open in Grade 8
I am OCD and love making lists
I am an Apple fan 
I love the colours coral and gold

And that is enough about me!
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  1. I love getting to say "yep, we have that in common" or "oh I didn't know that" hehe. Michael and I dated long distance for 4 years also. It was a true learning experience and definitely made me cherish the time we have together. I love how alike you and SJ look. You are just too precious sweet friend.

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