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08 September 2014|

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So the secret is out, in a few short weeks (seven to be exact!), MC and I are leaving on a jet plane and we are making our way to the big, grand US of A. My SIL is running the New York marathon so we have decided to go and support her and make a holiday out of it – just the two of us (with no kiddies!) And I am so excited…
Our itinerary looks like this:
Houston, Texas – for 3 days (my cowboy has to show me around and he may work a bit too)
New York – for 7 days (sightseeing, shopping and marathon supporting)
London – for 3 days (meeting our new niece/nephew and attend a friends wedding)
So now, I need your help:
Who is in Texas to say hi to?
Any recommendations for new tourists – 
Where and what to eat?
Where to shop?
Favourite honky tonks?
Interesting places to visit?


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