30 September 2014|

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I’ve been in deep thought recently about the person I am, the person I have been growing up and the person I want to be. Many thoughts on goals, achievements and failures and who I’ve always wanted to be and am I that person or on my journey to being that person…

And then, as a small sign, I read Ashley’s post on Living BIG and my mind started ticking again.
Are you living big?
Are you living to your full potential?
Is your glass half full?
And one of the reoccurring questions in my head:
If I were to die, how would I be remembered?
Would I even be remembered at all?
So I set out a little task for myself – I sent a message to many different people in my life: family, close friends, guy friends, work colleagues, mommy friends, blogging friends, a whole bunch of people who know me in so many different ways and I asked them the question.
I got some interesting and heart warming responses:

The girl that stole my heart… That girl that lit up the room with her smile and infectious laugh! A devoted wife who was selfless and put her family above all else… even herself. The most loyal and humble person I have ever known. The ONLY person I trust implicitly – Marc (husband)
The most beautiful baby I have ever seen. Skinny teenager able to hold her own. blossomed into an amazing person. Loved watching you grow, not only physically but on all levels into who you became – Judy (aunt)

My most beautiful older cousin who was always fancied by my brothers younger friends. I will never forget your speech at Pom Pom’s funeral and how I felt so honoured that he always called us both “my stink” – Madison (cousin)

Closest Friends
What an incredibly giving wife, mother and friend you are. How you are always a pillar of strength to me and my family, and I would miss the amazing advice that you give. But most of all I would miss those chinky eyes, that all encompassing smile and your amazing, big heart – Rox

Your amazing ability to put others before. I’d miss your Chiness drunk giggle and smile – Nicole 

You are the single most thoughtful, kind, selfless soul who would do anything and everything for those she loved. How we are so alike (except my love for avo and different bowel movements!) The love and kindness you show my family as if they were your own. Your generous nature, coupled with your love to make people feel loved and the best gift giver ever. That no one in our social circles would ever see each other if it weren’t for your incredible gift of planning – Shan 

Big happy smile, naughty laugh and big loving heart. Someone who took me under their wing and welcomed me into L’s inner circle with no questions/judgement and became a true friend. The most organised and thoughtful person who is there for anyone and everyone. A runner who will do Comrades with me when we are 40 – Lisa 

For always spoiling and treating me, and being there whenever i needed you – Melissa 

Mommy Friends
Loyal and supportive friend who would go to the ends of the eart for those that she loved and trusted – Faryn 

Fiercely loyal, super stylish, ridiculously organized. Once in a lifetime friend – Casey 

My beautiful, special friend, amazing wife and mother. The most generous person with the biggest heart who lives each day to the fullest and always puts others needs before her own. Thee most thoughtful people I know and definitely the most organized. With a sense of humour and ‘who has enough friends’ – Candice

Guy Friends
One of a kind friend, that always puts her family and friends first – Chad 

Bubbly, vivacious, kind, loyal and full of fun with a calm demeanor – Lyle 

Mom and wife of the century – Bryan

Ex Employers
Californian inspired girl with a big, beautiful smile and an even bigger heart – Gwyn 

One of the most caring, considerate people I know. The best present giver (very generous). I love listening to her life stories, always so interesting – Mia

The special daughter I’ve always wanted, to share with me the true things in life – Suna 

Your smile, kindness and always beautifully coordinated – Lisette 

Blogging Friends
Always wishing and hoping for the best for blogging friends and cheering them on in their successes – Katie 

I would remember your beautiful soul – you are a lover and a free spirit – Ashley

Your incredibly sweet demeanour, as well as your thoughtfulness and selflessness towards others. Not to mention the super cool accent you probably have and your precious, precious baby girls – Steph

I was also surprised but so grateful to know how many of these people had tears in their eyes when answering this question. Sorry for the slight morbid take on it!!
And it was a gentle reminder that I can be happy and love the person that I am.


  1. Wish I could be half of the person you are! Inspiring and motivational. You being you, helps some if us become who we want to be & gives us the confidence we should feel as the lovely ladies/wives/moms/friends that we are. For that, I thank you! xxx

  2. Such a great post! It's awesome to be reminded of the incredible person you are and what you've achieved where in matters in life. One day your girls will have some lovely words to add!

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