Book Review: Jemima J

25 September 2014|

I finally managed to finish ANOTHER book, and what a read! I couldn’t put this one down but had to when times got busy – do yourself a favour, and read it!
Jemima J – Jane Green
Title: Jemima J
Author: Jane Green
Genre: Romance
Main Characters:
  • Jemima J – leading lady
  • Geraldine – her beautiful sidekick/friend at work
  • Ben Williams – first a colleague and then love interest
  • Brad – online dating love interest

Jemima Jones is an overweight, journalist for the Kilburn Herald – a very local, average, non-star-status paper. She lives with two young, hot tarts (for lack of a better description) and she works with a stunning, leggy but not so clever Geraldine and the gorgeous Ben who only dates girls like Geraldine. The book is set in the 90’s when the internet was making it’s way into our lives. 
Jemima finds the world of online dating and starts chatting up a man, across the seas, in America. She puts a fake photograph on her profile and when Brad suggests meeting up, Jemima goes on a mission to lose weight, eat healthy and sort her life out.
Long story short – she moves to America to Brad, that doesn’t work out. Ben becomes a famous TV presenter, goes to America for an interview, meets up with Jemima again and they fall in love.
I loved it! You can’t but feel sorry for Jemima throughout the book, and then feel so proud when gets her life sorted and becomes the girl she has always wanted to be. Her weight issues resonated with me and she gave me motivation to want to eat right, exercise and get my body back too. I found myself cheering her on and hoping that she found her happy ending… And she did!
Jane Green always has me wanting more but this one of her bests!
Any book recommendations?


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