Bachelorette Weekend: Hula Party

18 September 2014| ,

After her jam-packed morning with the girls, Nicole expected to come home for lunch with the 5 of us but she arrived home to a big
Fourteen of her closest friends dressed and ready to hula in the driveway – after a few tears and overwhelmed and shocked expressions, we got her dressed (wig and all) and started our party.

We chose a hula/pool party theme as a day in the sun is exactly what she enjoys. All the girls wore their own Summer outfits with necklaces and head pieces of flowers. Each girl received a favour pack with a beach towel, sippy cup, funky glasses and flowers. We relaxed in the sun, drank Pimm’s and vodka jelly shots, ate fruity cupcakes and a burger bar and played some fun games (Q&A with the bride and groom and pin the body part on the groom!)

Lots and lots of fun for our special bride-to-be.


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