Bachelorette Weekend: Bridesmaids

17 September 2014| ,

This past weekend, we spent the weekend celebrating my MOH – 
Nicole’s Bachelorette Weekend.
Nicole has 7 bridesmaids – one in Australia, one in London, one in Johannesburg and four of us in Durban. Unfortunately, the three ladies from afar couldn’t join us but we will more than make up for it at the wedding and have been involved in all the planning.

Nicole is not your average shooter-drinking, stripper-watching, all-night-partying type of girl so we decided to do something a little different. And it was all a surprise!

The 4 of us ‘hijacked’ Nicole from school (she is a teacher) on Friday afternoon armed with flowers and champagne for our bride-to-be.  We raced home to pack her bag and then headed down the South Coast to a friends beach cottage for the weekend. Us girls spent a quiet night in with a girly dinner and Scrabble in our pj’s.

The next morning we lay by the pool, and two of the BM’s took Nicole to the beach, for dress up fun at the local clothing store and a pancake whilst us other two set up the house for a pool party.
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