Would you rather…

21 July 2014|

My sweet blogging friend, Gaelyn from Heart of Iron tagged me in this fun, interesting and sometimes down right gross post and a manic, sickly Monday calls for a light hearted post like this… Enjoy!

Would you rather…

1. Would you rather have unbearable BO that only you can smell, or that everyone but you can smell?
I am quite happy to smell terrible and save myself the embarrassment and possible social outcast of smelling bad to the general public – this is one of my greatest fears too!

2. Would you rather never go on the internet again or only ever eat kale for the rest of your life?
This is a tough one because I hate kale but the upside is I would be skinny and healthy. And the internet is pretty darn important these days…

3. Would you rather spend your life with no genitals but you get to wear pants, or have genitals but never wear pants?
Ummm, give me the genitals any day!

4. Would you rather find true love or win the lottery?
True love… Definitely! That is a no brainer – there is no better feeling than true love. And money doesn’t buy you much in the love department…

5. Would you rather be rich and famous for starring in a reality show that everyone laughs at, or be poor and unknown but become world famous for your art after you die?
I don’t know about this – I’m not a reality TV fan and I mock those ridiculous socialite “celebs” so I’m not keen to join that club but my art sucks…

6. Would you rather have thick hair all over your body, or no hair at all?
No hair at all!! Why do we even have hair (except for our heads and eyebrows?) Happy with a wig if there is no other waxing involved!

7. Would you rather eat a dog once, and then be able to eat whatever you want for the rest of your life, or never eat a dog but be vegan forever?
Can’t imagine eating a pup but I’m sure some countries make delicacies out of them – and maybe I would if I didn’t know it was dog?! Vegan forever is quite extreme!

8. Would you rather be 2 feet tall or 9 feet tall?
9 feet tall

9. Would you rather accidentally send your dad a nude selfie, or receive a nude selfie from your dad? 
This is gross! But I could delete this quite fast but would die if I sent him one…

10. Would you rather be happy and ignorant or somber and incredibly intelligent?
Happy and ignorant.

11. Would you rather save the life of the person you love, or save the lives of 10,000 strangers?
Save the life of the person I love – a very selfish decision…

12. Would you rather never shower again or never brush your teeth again?
Flip, these get tougher and tougher. I think I would die from either… I could try use powder on a dirty body and mouth wash or mints for my teeth?!

13. Would you rather be a famous actor or an elusive billionaire?
Possibly an elusive billionaire as I would prefer to  be out of the limelight and be followed by the paparazzi every day!

14. Would you rather be killed by the sting of a million tiny ants, or suffocated inside one giant python? 
I would prefer to go quickly so probably the python but this does nothing for my intense fear of snakes!!

15. Would you rather have your house burn down, but get insurance 8 times the value of your home and contents, or not have it burn down at all?
No fire at all – I love my home and everything that is in it – so much that is irreplaceable and has no value!

16. Would you rather eat chocolate that tastes like shit, or shit that tastes like chocolate?
This is disgusting – I don’t want anything that resembles s&*t!

17. Would you rather know the exact date and time your life will end, or the exact date and time your loved ones life will end?
My own life – to prepare myself and possibly those around me as well as live each day to the fullest. I think losing someone else can never have enough preparation so I would rather not know…

18. Would you rather be profoundly unhappy but achieve brilliant things, or be content your whole life but contribute nothing to society?
I am happy to be content and not contribute towards society – I am quite an ostrich who digs my head into the sand anyway… Not a fan of achieving brilliant things in the public eye. Happiness is way more important!

19. Would you rather be able to fly or be able to breathe under water?
Breathe under water – I’m not a great fan of heights but I love the water…

20. Would you rather fight off 100 rat sized horses, or one horse sized rat?
That big a## rat would eat me for breakfast but those tiny horses are going to kick the daylights out of me – I’m going to lose either way!

What were some of your answers? Were they quite different to mine? I would love to hear them! I tag the following bloggers to answer these 20 questions now:

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Happy Monday



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