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08 July 2014|

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I’ve been thinking about myself lately (how vain does that sound?!) and about the person that I am… The woman, the wife, the mother, the friend, the daughter etc. And I thought I would share the type of person I think I am…

I’m the type of woman who…
is blonde, not brunette
has blue eyes, not green or brown
is not short, or tall
not young, or old
is chubby, not skinny or fat
has manicured nails to stop me from biting
is organised, not all over the place
is neat and tidy, not messy
is stubborn, not always easy going
is loud, not quiet
 is confident, not shy
is proud, not ashamed
has no regrets
is learning to love myself

I’m the type of wife who…
knew from the very beginning, not later on
believes in love at first sight, not a love that grows
knows that God brought us together, not fate

messed up proposal plans

loved our big wedding, not a small intimate wedding
trusts with all my heart
often loves in my love languages, not yours
loved changing my surname, not keeping my own
loves any type of gifts, not acts of service
craves quality time, not words of affirmation
encourages sport and time with friends, not strict and demanding
likes to be cuddled but not smothered
enjoys sport, not reality TV
likes to be looked after and protected, not independent
will cook and clean and be domestic, not a high powered career woman
likes my own space, not have to be joined at the hip
has only you on my mind, no one else
is madly in love, each and every day
I’m the type of mom who…
has girls, not boys
has a toddler and a baby
had one horrible pregnancy and one great pregnancy
has c-sections, not natural births
has early births, not overdue births
has big babies, not small babies
breastfeeds for a short while and then formula feeds
lets them cry it out, not picks up at every sound
believes in a dummy, doodoo or blanket to self-soothe
sticks to a routine, not anything goes
believes in cot-sleeping, not co-sleeping
stays at home, and doesn’t work
still enjoys a night out, weekend away or holiday without them
sings songs and plays games
believes in discipline
has a naughty corner and counts to three
is a teacher but could never home school
allows water but no juice
has no TV or sugar except on weekends
tries my best
is not perfect
loves unconditionally

I’m the type of friend who…
is loyal, no matter what
organises and makes plans, not waits for an invite
sends flowers and gifts and meals
will be on the dance floor until 4am, not leave early
tells the truth about horrible outfits and bad boyfriends, no lies
won’t stand by if you make the same mistake over and over again
always says yes, but needs to learn to say no
doesn’t forgive or forget if you betray
doesn’t do drama
will laugh and cry with you
is a leader, not a follower
is bossy, not submissive
will always keep in touch, not out of sight out of mind
makes friends easily
is here forever if you let me

I’m the type of employee who…
is a hard worker, not a slacker
who works in the hours, not leaves on time or earlier
puts my heart and soul into everything
takes pride in my work, not messy
needs affirmation and encouragement, not to be dismissed
is independent
works better alone, then on a team
struggles to delegate so will do it myself
is a perfectionist and often takes time
is creative, not good with numbers
enjoys working with male and female, old and young
prefers to email, not call
has to keep a written diary, not online calendar
writes everything down, not by memory
started and stopped working at a very young age

What type of person are you?


  1. I loved this! such a great way to get to know you, to understand you. This has me thinking about the type of person I am…..so many words!

  2. You are a wonderful mixture of so many awesome things. Your sweet family is so lucky to have you and I am so lucky to know you…well you know what I mean. xoxo!

  3. Agree with Gaelyn – definitely reminded me of some of my traits and also things I'm so different with! And totally agree that I prefer to email rather than call 🙂

    Would LOVE to know how you messed up proposal plans?! 🙂

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