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24 June 2014|

Naming a child is one of the most daunting and terrifying and super difficult tasks EVER. Before you fall pregnant, it seems so easy… You have a few favourites and you nonchalantly choose one or two that sound nice – but there is so much more to it!
With SJ, we were lucky – she was our first born so the first pick at getting a name. As a dating couple, MC and I had discussed names and we had one favourite boys name and one favourite girls name (and second names too!) We both loved the names and that was that.
When we fell pregnant, we agreed on our one and only girls name but started noticing a few other boys names and the week before she was born, we made our final decision and didn’t turn back. When sweet little SJ was born – Sophie Jade was the perfect name for our little cherub.
Fast forward to our second pregnancy and we were stuck. Added to the fact that we didn’t know the sex again and wouldn’t until we heard that first little cry, we were set with the daunting task of reading through hundreds and thousands of baby names – for boys AND girls.
A few things we have had to consider:
Names that flow with our chosen family second names (Marc, Christopher or Nicole)
Shorter names as our surname is quite long
Beware of the potential nicknames
Beware of funny sounding initials 
No names that are currently very common
Preferably no names that are in our current social circle
Strong and cute but classic names – has to suit a baby, a teen and an adult CEO
Names we both love
And where did that leave us? With a list of each that we both liked but didn’t love…


You may notice that looking at the list above, there are two names missing. Our absolutely favourite mystery boys name and the  name we chose for our little princess, Ellie. Our boys name will remain a mystery until we decide whether we are having a third child or whether we have a boy or not – sorry but I’m not risking losing the one boys name that we love! And yes, Ellie was never on our radar – until four days before she was born. I know it is in my blog name and once again no, even after staring at my blog name every day for over two years, it never crosses my mind. My guess is that it didn’t cross my mine because the Ellie in my blog name is short for elephant – and no mother chooses to call their daughter after an elephant. 

But Ellie Nicole is a name that we both finally agreed upon and absolutely love – it also really suits her. My FIL actually heard it on TV (golfer Luke Donald has two daughters – Sophia and Ellie) and we found it on a list of baby names on an Instagram account that makes personalised blankets – can’t wait for ours to arrive from here. It also has a beautiful meaning – shining light. And she really is the light of our lives. 

How did you choose your child’s name?
What are your favourites? Do you like any of ours?


  1. I love the name!! Its so easy to come up with a list but who knows what will happen if we ever have a little one. I am so bleak that my great-gran's name, my favourite name, has been taken by 9 people I know!!

  2. Such an interesting read from your perspective! My hubby and I have 1 boy's name and 1 girl's name and the boy's name my hubby has been DEAD SET on since he was probably like 18 so it will be interesting to see if it changes when we start to get hints of the baby's personality etc. 🙂

  3. Picking a name is such a difficult task. It makes you realize how many names you actually don't like or that remind you or your spouse of someone. Picking our boy's name was easy, because he's our first but we are stuck on the middle name. Luckily we have about 2 weeks to figure it out!

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