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When we were pregnant with SJ, babymoons weren’t a big deal… Maybe they were across the seas and in other countries or maybe because we were one of the first of our group of friends to have a baby, we just completely missed that boat – but either way, we didn’t disappear off on a romantic holiday for two (with a bump!) When the babymoon craze hit and everyone started doing it – I promised MC that we would do it “next time”.
And so arrived our “next time” and we discussed a babymoon in great detail – but as mentioned by Steph from Southern Mess in her latest post: Babymoon Planning 101, babymoon planning can get complicated – for a number of reasons that she points out. Our biggest hurdles were:
a) Where to go – we had just enjoyed an incredible beach holiday in Mauritius as a family
b) Finance – we have just built a new home, been on holiday, paying school fees and trying to afford a second baby
c) Leaving SJ for a length of time – as most of you know, this last term has been a difficult one for SJ and we weren’t happy to just disappear on a romantic getaway without her
So, we ditched the idea and agreed we would do it if there was ever a “next time” (yes, we think we would like to have three children one day!)
Then, we got the school holiday schedule and with SJ off school for two separate weeks in April and MC crazy busy at work and needing a break, we decided to book an impromptu family getaway to the Drakensberg mountains – quiet family bonding time, all inclusive and well priced, and just a short drive from home. 
And so began our little babymoon (with SJ in tow) and it was one of the best weeks ever.
Golf course beauty

Autumn colours

All dressed for the chilly weather

Family selfie
Mom and daughter

Walks with daddy
They are the world to each other…

Drinks in the sun… That face!

Our cool dude horse rider

Loving the horse rides…
Loving her new bike

Family of 3… soon to be 4!


  1. "They are the world to each other" – I love that so much. I hope you had the most wonderful time away. And as always, little SJ is so beautiful and so very precious!

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