7 May

07 May 2014|

7 May: Where are you writing from today?
Today, I am writing typing from the warmth and comfort of my own bed. I lie here alone (and able to blog in peace and quiet) because MC is away on business and SJ spent the night with my in-laws. I had a rare morning of sleeping in – you would think I would thoroughly enjoy this but to be honest, I miss my sweet family too much and I can’t wait to see them both later. 
The house and neighbourhood are also eerily quiet because today has been declared a national public holiday for our country to go to the nearest voting station and cast their vote for our national election. Unfortunately, for the past few years MC and I have been away/overseas every time we have been given a date to register to vote so neither of us are eligible to vote.
This is going to cause a huge uproar with a lot of you but hear me out… I would love to vote and make my mark and i really wish I could but I have genuinely not been able to. I haven’t been lazy or careless – I really haven’t been around to register but I promise I will when we get to register again. I am also not one of those citizens that sits back and complains about my country and it’s leaders (even if I disagree with how they lead and run our country) when I know I cannot make my small difference.
But I will, one day. I promise.
To all South Africans, enjoy your day off and cast your vote.


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