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08 April 2014|

Claudz is one of the sweetest and most genuine bloggers I have been blessed to get to know. She is a local lass that lives in nearby Johannesburg and she always has the kindest words and sweetest comments on my blog. I hope that one day, we can meet in person. Today, I get to thank Claudz for nominating me for a Sunshine Award.

Rules of the Sunshine Award:
1) Display the award on your ever deserving blog
2) Say “thank you” to the wonderful person to have nominated you
3) Give us 10 interesting things about yourself
4) Nominate some of your favorite blogs
5) Link to those blogs in your post and let them know that you’ve nominated them!

I now have to share 10 things about me…
1. Most people think my second name is Jade but my name is actually hyphenated. One name.
2. I have two fears in life – death and snakes. I’m working on my faith in living eternally but I will never get over my fear of snakes. I can’t even touch a picture of a snake.
3. I wear contact lenses. And I am a serious percentage of blind. I can barely see without my contact lenses in. Blind as a bat. 
4. When it comes to babies and children, I prefer boys names and boys clothes. This may sound weird because most people prefer the pinks and frills and tutus but I walk straight to the boys section. And don’t get my started on girls names – I liked one and I used it. Now I am stuck!
5. I have been swimming with sharks. Free swimming/diving. With no cage. It was absolutely incredible, and I was not scared. It was such a calm and tranquil experience with Black Tip and Zambezi sharks gliding past my bikini-ed body.
6. I am slightly OCD. Hence my love for planning, organising and routine. I have endless to do lists and check lists for daily life, meal plans and events.
7. I was the Project Manager for the building of our home. I was on site weekly with a bunch of male, bulky builders and I made sure things happened from start to finish – I know every last square inch of our home. And I am very proud.
8. I love Coca-Cola. Fact.
9. I would love to open my own play group. Will have to keep the mind ticking on this one and watch this space.
10. I love my sleep. (Quite ironic for a mom-of-almost-two) but I could sleep in every morning, have an afternoon nap every day and still go to bed early every night. Let’s not talk about my sleeping patterns when I’m pregnant – my poor husband!
My blog nominations are:


  1. Thank you for the kind words!
    I also love boy things – names, clothes everything. Not sure what I will do if I have a girl. It's so awesome that you go to project manage your own home – what an experience and achievement.
    Excited to see what's in the pipeline……

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