March Goals

07 March 2014|

My first month of being accountable for my own goals, and trying my best to achieve them all… So how did I do?

February Goals:
  • Wake up earlier. I tried and I succeeded most days. My special hubs did let me sleep in a few mornings though… Bliss.
  • Drink more water. Definitely doing a lot better but can always drink more.
  • Eat breakfast. EVERY. DAY. Failed with this – I’m just not hungry or too lazy in the morning.
  • Exercise at least 3-4 times a week. I’ve stuck to 3 times a week most weeks and one week was only 2.
  • Host a successful wine club evening. Very proud that I managed to do this – an awesome evening with special girls and lots of wine.
  • Spend more quality time with MC. Hasn’t really been possible as he was away most of the month but we are trying.
  • Moan less. Haha, I think I managed this one.
  • Cook more dinners. Definitely winning at this one – dinner has been served every night unless we have had plans. Sundays are my worst days though!
  • Send two snail mails. Failed.
  • Keep up with my daily journal writing, prayer time and memory book. Memory book is full every day but prayer/journal have a few blank days.
  • Plan our baby moon. Unfortunately, this taking a back seat for now as we have to watch the finances.
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day. We did it, read all about it here.
  • Make Valentine’s treats for SJ’s class mates. Achieved, see them here.
  • Celebrate sweet friends birthdays. I had to miss one but enjoyed many others.
  • Book and enjoy a preggy massage. Done and it was heaven!
  • Bake MC a birthday cake. We made a cheesecake this year, something different. 
  • Organise filing shelves. I am proud to say I have started – all files labeled internally and sorted into categories. 
  • Clear out old and unwanted clothes. Failed.
  • Reply to all blog comments. Very proud that I can say yes to this.
  • Get cot bumpers sewn for baby #2. I tried but fabric not available yet.
  • Be a more present and intentional wife and mom. I like to think I have been.

A new month, a fresh start…

March Goals:
  • Exercise at least 3 times a week
  • Give up Coca-Cola for Lent
  • Bake pancakes for Shrove Tuesday
  • Send invitations for SJ’s 2nd birthday party
  • Plan SJ’s birthday party
  • Attend a sweet baby shower, kitchen tea and wedding
  • Visit one of my best friends for her birthday
  • Send two snail mails
  • Purchase new pram for baby #2
  • Book 4D scan and maternity shoot
  • Take part in Amber’s #sayyesproject Photo Challenge
  • Enjoy a facial
  • Read one book
  • Watch one movie on the big screen
  • Go on 2 date nights with MC
  • DIY pin board for study

What are your goals this month?
How did you do last month?


  1. Well done on achieving so many of last months goals! Re the babymoon why don't you plan a day long babymoon, like a game drive and lunch somewhere not far from home, or plan a picnic with a company like dial-a-picnic?

    Good luck for March!

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