Valentines: Indieberries

17 February 2014|

14 February has come and gone and we either hidden under the duvets hating all the mushy, soppy rubbish that happened around us or we were spoilt rotten with sentimental cards, red roses and chocolates and romantic plans for two. 

Either way, I have decided to keep the love going for just a few more days with some Valentines guest posts from a few of my favourite ladies…

First up… the hilariously funny, amazingly witty and super loved up Che fromIndieberries. Che is a fellow South African, currently living in London (a few of my REAL friends were even at her wedding – small, small world!) Che is married to the man of her dreams, and their unconditional love, unique bond and perfect-match-marriage is sickening heartwarming. These two have just got it right, and it is obvious for all to see – they are just. meant. to. be. 

Che’s Valentines Love Story and Gift Guide:

In our 9 years of knowing each other – Warren and I have only spent one Valentine’s Day together, February 2013 – (we have either been not dating or on other sides of the globe) so as you can imagine – it’s definitely been one of my favourites! Since it was our very first Valentine’s day together – we decided to go the very traditional route and book ourselves a three course dinner at a cute little restaurant with a cozy fireplace!

I had been waiting all day for him to get home so that we could start our Valentine’s day celebrations – when the next thing I heard a knock at the door. I went out to investigate and (after a very good searching into the darkness) saw no-one around but just as I was about to close the door, I noticed a giant bunch of tulips on the floor. I bent down to pick up the tulips and closed the front door again to discover a postcard had been pushed through our letterbox… I was so busy intently reading the postcard… that, that was the moment I got POUNCED!
You can read the full story and all my spoilings here:
This year, I’m so excited to spend our very first Valentine’s day together as Husband and Wife!
Boys are always hard to buy gifts for so I thought I would share a few of my Manly-gift choices from Etsy!

A sampler of grilling planks from Outdoor Gourmet

A new iPhone cover from IdeaCase

Or maybe a leather phone/wallet combo from Popov Leather

An old school shaving kit from Sallys Soaps
Ipad Cover from Popular Miles

Men’s personalised razor bags from LifetimeLeatherCo

Did I not tell you she was awesome? And that was before I got to mention her creative cartoons – always a good laugh and a fabulous blog. 
Go and meet Che and make friends


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