Five on Friday

07 February 2014|

TGIF and TGI Five on Friday too. Link up with Christina.
1. Birthdays. Happy birthday to one of my oldest and bestest friends. Nix and I met and became close friends in high school and have had many a party, a good cry and made special memories over the years. She stood by my side as my MOH at my wedding, and this year I get to stand by her side as she marries the man of her dreams. Can’t wait to celebrate with her later.
2. Angels. Remembering a sweet angel in Heaven today as she also celebrates her birthday. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you, miss you and love you.
3. Class Mom. Yes, I am officially the class mom for SJ’s little Red Group at pre-school. I’m excited to plan and organise a year of fun and social interactions with the other awesome moms and parents. Always in my element, planning and having fun with our little tots. 
4. Factorie. This new store has opened in Durban, and I cannot wait to visit and do some retail therapy. A fun, new brand for our casual, coastal living – just wish the store was closer to us! 
5. Valentine’s Day. Only one more week before we can all get soppy and lovey dovey, and all romantic. I can’t wait!
Happy weekend 


  1. I love my class mom! She is heaven sent so just know that you are so appreciated! YAY for new stores. I will have to live vicariously through you until my shopping freeze is over in just 11 more months. (insert bug eye sad face here). Hope you have a fantastic weekend pretty lady!

  2. I'm also Zoe's class mom, for the second year in a row so I'm obviously doing something right! I wish I had been able to do it when she was younger, as I think that would have been way more fun!

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