February Goals

06 February 2014|

I may be a few days late but rather late than never…
After reading and being inspired by so many blogging friends’ monthly goals, I have decided to pluck up the courage, be a big girl and make some of my very own goals for the month, goals that I aim to achieve and goals that I can be held accountable for. 
I’m even joining the sweet Ashley in her link up: Bloggers Keeping Bloggers Accountable
Do you have goals this month? Want to join in to stay motivated and inspired?
February Goals:
  • Wake up earlier
  • Drink more water
  • Eat breakfast. EVERY. DAY.
  • Exercise at least 3-4 times a week
  • Host a successful wine club evening
  • Spend more quality time with MC
  • Moan less
  • Cook more dinners
  • Send two snail mails (thanks Ash for this awesome idea!)
  • Keep up with my daily journal writing, prayer time and memory book
  • Plan our baby moon
  • Celebrate Valentine’s Day
  • Make Valentine’s treats for SJ’s class mates
  • Celebrate sweet friends birthdays
  • Book and enjoy a preggy massage
  • Bake MC a birthday cake
  • Organise filing shelves
  • Clear out old and unwanted clothes
  • Reply to all blog comments
  • Get cot bumpers sewn for baby #2
  • Be a more present and intentional wife and mom

See you in March to track my progress
Wish me luck!


  1. I am so glad you came over to link up with us! You have a great list of fun goals!! woohoo! Can I just fly out there for the wine club evening? Then you would really have to make sure that one got done. 🙂 Snail mail is definitely my favorite thing to send. Being present is definitely on my to do list. I feel like I take advantage of my husband and our limited time together way too much. We will get ourselves on track this month! Have a great day sweet friend.

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