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27 February 2014|

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Life has been tough these last few weeks. I have been faced with issues and situations that leave me way out of my comfort zone, and often I even think, my coping zone. 
But with the Lord in my heart, a supportive husband by my side, a precious daughter who makes me smile and a little miracle life kicking inside me – I have realised and learnt that I can do and conquer anything and anyone. 

I have had my emotional and down days, I’ve had my fuming and angry days. I’ve also had days where I think I am 100% A-okay, only to let it all fall down a few minutes later. But all this is normal, I am human and I am not perfect. 

But most of all, I have faith and hope, and these together are giving me the strength to get through, to take each day as it comes and tackle it in the best way I can.

Time heals everything, and this too shall pass.
I’m sure I will share a few of the challenges as the time goes by but for now, thank you for the sweet blogging community that has shown great care and support.


  1. Ah babe had no idea you were struggling at the moment! But yes you are right – you will certainly get through it. God wouldn't have brought you to it if He couldn't get you through it! Big love xxx

  2. Sent some special thoughts your way during our moment of silence in my classroom this morning sweet friend. Hoping your days have gotten better or at least your heart is more at ease. If I had your addressI would send you lots of Texas sunshine and big Texas hugs. Here's to hoping to day is better than yesterday but not as good as tomorrow. XOXO

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