Five on Friday

31 January 2014|

Yay! The end of another week, and a link up with Christina.

1. Kimonos. I have a new fashion obsession. One that I never would have thought I would be interested in, never mind love. The kimono is a win win wardrobe item – beautiful fabrics, comfortable fit and versatile wear. I’ve just bought four! 


2. Baby Names. The hardest decision any parents have to make. Where to start? MC and I are struggling to choose a name, never mind many (or at least a few options!) We agree on similar names but no names blow us away – for boys and girls… Anyone want to help? 


3. Revenge. Last nights episode looked like a finale – and ended like one too. But apparently it’s only Episode 10?! How? What can happen next? Is Emily really dead? Are you hooked like I am? 


4. Curls. I tried them out this week. A test run for a wedding this weekend. But they failed. My thin, straight hair lost the curls as quick as they were put in. Back to a straight blow-dry it is…

5. Emotions. Wow! What a roller coaster this week has been. Hectic times, pregnancy hormones and tears to fill an ocean. Looking forward to a happy, more smiley me next week. 

Happy Friday everyone, have a fabulous weekend

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