First day of school…

23 January 2014| , ,

23 January 2014
The first day of school for our little SJ

Today, our sweet baby girl started her first day in the Red Group at Hakuna Matata – a local play school. We woke up to a happy girl, who ate her breakfast, packed her bag and enjoyed the drive to school for the first time with her Daddy. 

We walked her into her new classroom, unpacked her bag into her locker and introduced her to her new teacher, Kylie and teacher’s assistant, Lungi. We had a few tears when saying goodbye and leaving her but by the time we got to the car, we were assured that she was happy and playing with her friends. 

When fetching her at 12pm, she was full of beans and spent the whole car ride home chatting about her day, and then fell fast asleep after her busy day. She had lots of fun with water and bubbles and playing with her best friend Evan. A successful day.

A special day for our special girl, and a big milestone in her little life.

First day essentials

First day snack: water, star sandwich, yoghurt rice cakes and grapes

Teacher gift

Good morning big girl
Excited for school

Good breakfast for the day

First day photo
Family photo

My bag is too heavy for me…

On our way to school
Best friends starting school together and helping each other through the day
Gifts for my friends in my class


  1. Your daughter is adorable, those little pink pjs in the one pic are just too sweet! What a lovely family you have 🙂 Good luck with the rest of the school acclimatisation, hope it goes smoothly.

    Louise x

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