#100happydays: Two

28 January 2014|

Another 10 days of happiness… 
Are you still smiling every day?

I have noticed on my social media feeds that not everyone agrees with the 100 happy days idea – and that’s cool – I don’t like plenty things that I see on social media but if you don’t like it, don’t read it, just keep moving on…

Just to clear things up, I’m not ONLY happy because if this and I’m not unhappy for the other 265 days of the year. I find it fun and a gentle reminder to see the good in life, in all moments, to take a step back and try and be more positive… Life hasn’t been all peaches and roses the past two days but I’ve been looking for the happiness and the smiles – and I’ve found them!

This is for me…

1. Waking up to my favourite smoothie next to my bed, from a very thoughtful husband
2. The “awesome foursome” swimming in the sun
3. Gorgeous monthly stationery box from Elephantshoe
4. Just the 3,5 of us family photo
5. Baby shower celebrations for Mands and baby Hayley
6. Taking the bump to the gym
7. Our first Parents Evening
8. Christmas cards from the sweets. craziest blogging friend, Shay
9. SJ’s first day of school
10. Morning notes from MC to his two girls


  1. What a great concept. I always enjoy November because of Thanksgiving but more so because my social media feeds are filled with thankful posts instead of the normal life issues people can sometimes overwhelmingly post. What great things to remind you of the happiness that surrounds you.

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