Week 19: Your strengths and weaknesses in your marriage

21 October 2013| ,

Week 19: Your strengths and weaknesses in your marriage
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We have only been married for three years and are no experts on marriage but we have learnt so many things along the way. And these are our strengths and weaknesses:

We allow life to get hectic. We allow the craziness of each day to get ahead of us and take control. We then lose out on special moments and special times together. We are drawn into phone calls, emails and social media. 

We have had to learn our love languages. This is a weakness because it is an on-going lesson. We are always learning how to love each other. We have very different love languages and it is not easy loving in a way that doesn’t come naturally and that isn’t familiar.

Our Lord is in our marriage. He is at the core of our lives. And he is in everything we do, all actions we make and decisions we decide on. He binds our marriage and our lives. He is our greatest strength. 

We are in love with each other. We love each other, almost all couples do. But not all couples are in love with each other. We still get butterflies in our tummy and warm, fuzzy feelings. We are passionate and affectionate. The spark is very much alive.

We trust each other. And we have from day one. This is so important. I do not doubt that mc loves me or that he loves only me. I know he has made a commitment to me and I am the centre of his life. And he is in mine. There is no doubt that it is just the two of us, now and forever. I trust him around other women, I trust him to lead us in the right direction and I trust his judgement. 

We have fun. And we have fun together. We act childish and we laugh together. We enjoy spending time together.

What are your marriage strengths and weaknesses?

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  1. Weaknesses – we are both ridiculously stubborn and bull headed, and want to be right! We can be impatient, him more than me, and we are living long distance for half the year!
    Strengths – We have the same sense of humor, we love almost all the same things, we started off as best friends and we have identical parenting styles and family values!

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