Week 18: Random facts about your other half

14 October 2013| ,

Week 18: Random facts about your other half
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Random isn’t really a word I would use to describe MC, in any form. As he is quite shy and very private, almost all of you don’t know too much about him. So these are just my facts about him:

His middle name is Christopher
He had white, curly hair when he was a little boy
He went to boarding school
He is right handed
He is good at all sports, a natural born athlete
He lived in the UK for ten years
He played professional county cricket in the UK
He has a Jewish surname and had Jewish grandparents but is not a practicing Jew
He has 6-pack abs (he’s going to hate me for this!)
He is really confident and is an incredible public speaker
He studied at Cambridge University
He loves anything cowboy – boots, hats and Western music
He eats every single food. Everything.
He is an incredible daddy (he did the midnight feeds and changed nappies/diapers for the first 5 weeks)
He looks very good in a suit
He likes to cook (I cooked once in our first 4 years of dating)
He loves the bush
He wants to own a farm one day
He loves me (lucky me!)

What are your random facts?


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