Week 17: The meaning of marriage

07 October 2013|

Week 17: The meaning of marriage
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I find it quite ironic that this week’s topic came up a week after we celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary. Last week, I wrote this post on the three things I have learnt in our three years of marriage.

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Today, I give my meaning of marriage:

Marriage is when two become one
On a wedding day, two people join together to become one. Two halves become one new whole. The commitment of marriage is so strong that it this one whole can never and should never be broken. This person is now always a part of you, and you should think and act accordingly. This other half of you also complements you, and should build you up and make you a better person.

Marriage is forever
I don’t believe in divorce. I also don’t believe in infidelity. 
The promise of marriage is forever. It means you will love your spouse forever and always, no matter what. It means you will always try your best to be the person they love and to always love and be in love with them. You enjoy the good times together and you work through the bad times. You make everything work, together. Forever also means you do not become a bad person in the marriage (alcohol abuse, substance abuse or physical abuse) and you do not doubt the love you share.

Marriage is love and passion
I think that love and passion are so important in a marriage, and not just on honeymoon or the first few years or to reproduce. I think that finding your spouse attractive says so much about your feelings toward them and the way you feel in your marriage. I consider myself blessed with a gorgeous husband and I know I will never think otherwise but the kisses and the cuddles and the passion and spark in our romance keeps so much of our marriage alive.

Marriage is real and not always easy
Bad times come. Sometimes that come often and they come in bug, huge chunks. But together, you can overcome anything. Everyone needs to know and learn that after the fun bachelorette’s night and the big, white wedding and the romantic honeymoon comes real life. And real life isn’t easy. But as a couple, if you stick together and walk together on the journey, you can conquer anything and everything that attempts to stand in your way. Be prepared for the bad times: the financial loss, the infertility, the family issues, the tragedies and loss, the disagreements and the jealousy or bad influence of others. 

This sums it up quite well:
M – is for mutual, a special love shared by two.
A – is for assurance, that you will always be true.
R – is for respect, shown for one another each day.
R – is for reliability to be there come what may.
I – is for integrity, two people now sharing one life. 
A – is for affection between husband and wife.
G – is for genuine, a trustworthy… long life friend.
E – is for enduring, a vow to love without end.

What is your meaning of marriage?

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