Book Review: No Child Of Mine

08 October 2013|

After my last book review, I was so keen to dive into the next book. There is just something about a review that keeps you wanting more… One of my besties is a Grade 3 teacher and she recommended two books by Susan Lewis – she isn’t normally a big reader so I knew that if she managed to get through them, they must be worth it.

Wow! I have no other words…

No Child Of Mine: Susan Lewis
No Child Of Mine

Susan Lewis

Family Drama

Main Characters:
  • Alex Lake – childcare/social services officer
  • Ottilie Wade – a three year old girl
Alex is a social worker that investigates “bad home” situations and places children in foster care when parents are criminals, substance abusers or physically abusive. She is tipped off by an anonymous caller to investigate the parenting of Brian and Erica Wade towards their little girl, Ottilie. Alex is not prepared for what awaits her in this home and she is drawn to the little girl whilst investigating her home life and parents.

Alex has her own hidden agenda as she deals with a distant boyfriend who returns to his ex-wife and her own insecurities as being an orphan placed in foster care and not knowing her biological parents.

This book is intense and was quite graphic at times. It tugged at my heart and had me in tears so many times. As a mother and teacher, I struggle with bad parenting and neglect of sweet and innocent children. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ending but I am looking forward to reading the next novel in the series – a follow on of sorts.

Have you read it? What did you think?
Any book recommendations?


  1. OMG I just finished this book while I was in Durbs and absolutely LOVED it!!! I left it there for my mom and sisters to all read too. I couldn't put it down, it gripped me in the deepest part of me. I am a nurturer, a mom, a rescuer – and this book pulled on every heart string!!! So glad you also enjoyed it so much!

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