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17 October 2013|

When are you having Baby #2?
The question that everyone asks, seconds from Baby #1 being born. The same as everyone asking when are you having baby #1, seconds from saying “I do”.

I’m going to be honest – I don’t mind the question being asked, most of the time. But if you have asked me once, then I’m not a fan of you asking again, every time you see me. Especially because it is then obvious that you know my answer and you are digging for more information (ie: am I struggling to fall pregnant or am I actually pregnant now?) – both which are highly sensitive topics.

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Besides all the questions, I have my own ideas, thoughts and questions…
When is the right time?
I don’t think there is ever a right time or a wrong time. But this blessing from God is given to you for a reason, at a time that our Lord see’s right for our Plan. Accept it and embrace it with all you can.

Is SJ the right age?
Again, what is the right age. When is too young and when is too old? Do you have another baby quickly so you are in the bottle, nappy phase at the same time? Or do you wait a while longer and have SJ out of that phase and old enough, and then start all over again?

Are we ready emotionally and financially?
Sleepless nights, screaming baby and juggling the craziness of life is hectic on any individual and couple and it will happen at any stage of your marriage. As will the school fees, the extra activities and the endless supply of nappies.

Am I ready physically?
Aka have I reached my pre-pregnancy weight? No. Am I going to before having another? Probably not. But is this reason enough to not allow another blessing into the world? Quite a selfish decision that. It would be awesome to be a mom of two and super skinny and ultra toned but this is reality, my body has and will change again. Again, count your blessings.

Are we going to struggle?
I am not often the pessimist but I am also practical and realistic. We were very blessed the first time round but we were also naive (yes, we were the couple that didn’t know that you actually had to ovulate to get pregnant!) But now we do know, so we are a lot more aware. Do we want it to be a day by day, look at the chart, come home on the hour? No, but nobody wants that but some may need that. We will cross that bridge when we come to it. Long may the passion live. 

So many questions and no correct answers.
We trust in God’s Plan for us, and when the time is right, the time is right (and with moving into a new house, family arriving, busy holiday plans and SJ starting school – the time may not be right, right now).

The end.


  1. If one more person asks when we're going to give Zoe a sibling I may just scream! The worst are the comments about how leaving her an only child so long is just selfish (have ever?!)
    I agree though, it will happen when it's meant to – love the way you finished this post off!!!

  2. Now that E is a year old we're starting to get the questions about number 2. Today, I'm not having a number 2…..maybe next year I'll want one. Right now I'm just enjoying my one, and if two is meant to be, it'll be.

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