Week 15: A letter to my 16 year old self

23 September 2013|

Week 15: A letter to my 16 year old self
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Nicholl, Melissa, Kim, Regan and me in the front

Dear 16 year old CJ,

Oh, how wonderful it is to be sweet sixteen? To be young and care free?
But also, how hard is it to fit in and have no worries about what others think about you?

You are in Grade 10 and have just chosen your subjects. You made a good choice!
Well done on sticking it out with the Maths. I know you hate it but it was a good choice. It will keep you somewhat disciplined in the next few years, because you will be forced to attend these lessons, listen and stay focussed. And you will pass but never use any of this information ever again. The English and Drama will be your favourites and will boost your confidence, they will also help you become the teacher you want to be one day. The Home Economic will spark the domesticated Stepford housewife in you and will slowly start the journey of pure joy in planning and hosting parties and events. You are content with being a B-grade student and that is ok – you work as hard as you would like and you make time for fun. You have a good balance going…

You are doing so well playing sport – your indoor and outdoor hockey and swimming are great fun and important exercise for you. Keep it up and always try and do your best! If you keep at it, you can make the all important 1st team and be a sports or house captain – you want that and you can achieve it. Unfortunately, your sickness next year is not going to help and you cannot avoid this as you caught it in the air. But keep trying…

You have an awesome group of friends – some will stay and some will leave. Let them go. People and circumstances change and you do not need all of them in your life. Don’t spend wasted energy and time on those that don’t feel the same or make the effort. Let them go. Keep your focus on those that do matter – make time for them, affirm them and have so much fun with them! Enjoy the endless nights of too much popcorn and chocolate, sleeping on lounge floors in skimpy girly pj’s. Enjoy the hours od chatting and few hours of sleep, these are special memories. Make the most of those girls nights out at the local club – it is an innocent place for fun and don’t get sucked in to the big bad world of booze, drugs and bad boys. You are level-headed, you know better and you make the right decisions. Enjoy the innocence of it all – the Spice girls dance offs while getting ready, the swapping of outfits, straightening of hair and the days of white eyeliner!! Dance the night away…

Michelle, Tracy, Me, Regan and Leigh

Grow the independence you have, be that strong willed and outgoing young girl. And don’t let family drama suck you in. You were born into a family, you don’t chose them but you can chose how to engage and interact with them. Be independent, stand your ground and don’t be fooled by their authority. Love and care for them as they are your blood. Do not let unnecessary comments upset you, you are a great kid and don’t forget it.

Boys. Leave them alone. 
Have fun and flirt innocently but don’t commit. You are so young and so free. Enjoy the freedom. There are many more years ahead for the seriousness and permanency of a steady relationship. You don’t want or need it now. There are so many great guys out there – be friends with them, hang out with them but don’t settle for one of them. Your knight in shining armour is waiting  for you, like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. And when the timing is right, you will meet him and be with him forever. Save yourself, listen to our Lord and His word. Save yourself for this amazing husband of yours, it will be so special and so worth it if you do.

Watch what you eat. Do not diet but eat healthily.
Your body is your temple and you need to honour it. This was never taught to you and it was never a way of life so you need to listen, and do it on your own. Control your diet as you do your exercise. Enjoy and experiment with it but don’t eat terribly. Allow yourself a good cheat but all in moderation.
Drink water and take your vitamins. This is learned behaviour that you need to start learning now!!

Well done girl, you are doing so well in this thing we call life. So many people enjoy being around you and are so proud of you. Keep it up.
There is a greater plan for you because He loves you. And it truly is a Great plan.
I know this.
Love Caley


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