Week 14: High school back then

16 September 2013|

Week 14: High school back then
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After having our 10 year school reunion a couple of weeks back, I have been thinking about high school and those childish, dramatic years in my teens quite a bit. Remembering how young and care-free we were with no real problems and so much fun at our finger tips.
I really enjoyed high school – I went to a good school, enjoyed my subjects, played sport, had an awesome group of friends and I was happy with and in myself.
Pictures speak one thousand words…
Our group of friends – I was taking the pic!

My Matric class and sweet Mrs Mo

Chicks be cray cray || Terri, Regan, Me, Kim & Melissa

Singing our farewell song on our last day of school (No, I was not in the choir!)

Our annual fashion show – Miss Danville

I came 3rd – 2nd princess 
What a great few blasts from the past.


  1. haha this is amazing! i love it cals! i finished school nearly 6 years ago and loved it too! sounds like we have a similar school experience 🙂 it will be crazy to look back on school photos in 4 years time. the 10 years after school is when everyone changes the most! 🙂

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