The Swiftly Painted Challenge

11 September 2013|

Jessica from The Iris and AnnMari from Simply Swift contacted me about their great new challenge
The Swiftly Painted Challenge
Read all about the challenge (as per their blogs):
Although we’re friends in real life, blogging has been a huge part of our friendship recently and we wanted to come up with a creative way to connect and bond with more of you. We love getting together, shooting, talking updates and plugins and widgets, and now we’re ready for more blog friends! 🙂

We’ve seen photo challenges on Instagram and on blogs, but never one geared toward our own selves and thoughts. Here it is!

We’re going to give you a prompt and image idea to share on the first day of each month. Run with them, ladies! Make them as serious as you want or don’t, be as literal or vague as you’d like. The only rule about the challenge is that you have to take the photo of yourself. Don’t cheat! Because we aren’t! Whether you’re using an iPhone or a DSLR, own it.
Here are the monthly prompts:
October: Writing prompt: Reflect and respond to this statement: your followers follow you willingly. Create an image of what describes you as a blogger. Bonus points for little clues about what’s going on in your life.
November: shout out happy birthday to AM! Writing prompt: Describe a person place or thing that you depend on emotionally. Create an image of you with a mask / disguise.
December: Writing prompt: Simple… what are you thankful for. Create an image depicting a value you have.
January: shout out happy birthday for J! Writing prompt: The best gift you’ve ever given. Create an image of something that you love doing for yourself.
February: Writing prompt: Talk about a new beginning blog resolution. Create an image highlighting something you’d change about yourself.
March: Writing prompt: March (haha!) to the beat of your own drum. Create an image showing us your bold and true self. Don’t hold back.
April: Writing prompt: Share a secret you’re holding on to, insecurity you have, or confess to something you want to make right. Create an image of your natural self. No makeup, wet hair. Let the april showers wash away your public face.
May: Writing prompt: Discuss an object or person that acts as your security blanket. Create an image of just your face/head with your favorite lipstick/gloss/stain.
June: Writing prompt: Air it all out to dry. What’s something your struggling with? Create an image striking a pose and give us your best pin-up look. (See what we did there… pin up your laundry to dry)
July: Writing prompt: Discuss your creative passion and create an image that showcases it.
August: Writing prompt: Describe an issue that you think women face today. Create an image taking a stand on that issue.
September: Writing prompt: Take a step outside of your comfort zone. Interpret that in your own way. Create an image showing us your vision.
October: Finish strong and be proud of your accomplishment! Show us where you are now as a blogger and bonus points for sharing a secret! Create an image of who you are today. Show us how you’ve changed and what’s next for you.
What do you think? Let me know in the comments if you are keen to get involved.
Grab the button and join in.

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