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I love blogging for so many wonderful reasons but one of the best reasons is because of the sweet blogging community that I have been able to chat to and “meet”. One of the most faithful and kindest blogging friends I have “met” is Amber from Mr Thomas & Me.
And this challenge shows just how amazing she really is…
The Say Yes Project

Read the introduction here
Amber has encouraged so many of us to step out of comfort zones and just say yes. Say yes to anything and everything in these first two weeks of September… I decided to take the plunge and see how many times I wanted to say NO and change my answer and say YES.
I really surprised myself because there were a few…
Attend a corporate dinner with MC
(It didn’t feel right whipping out my camera phone at such a prestige event)
I love going out with my husband and a full dinner at The Oyster Box Hotel sounds like the perfect date night but a corporate CEO dinner as a banking client – not really my cup of tea. I wasn’t so keen on getting all dressed up to attend a banking dinner (those that know me know that I am useless with numbers) and I was convinced that this would be super-banking-boring! But I said yes. And I am so glad I did. Not only did we really enjoy our dinner out but I also really got on well with the other wives, I didn’t feel adequate as the stay-at-home-mom-and-housewife and I was so super proud of my hubs as the youngest man in the room, he really is doing so well at work.
Waking up early
(yes, 6am is early for me!)
 Another bad trait of mine is loving to sleep. I am  most happy when I can sleep in lazily in the morning, have a good afternoon nap and hit the sheets early at night. In saying this, I can skip the afternoon naps and the early nights and still be a happy person. Mornings however, are another story. I am NOT  a morning person. Something that really frustrates my poor MC as he is one of those all-day people (he doesn’t need sleep!) and he just keeps going… He is also super happy and raring to go first thing in the morning, no matter the time. After a recent chat on how we can improve things as a couple and filling each others love tanks by understanding our love languages, I learnt that MC would love me to wake up early with him and spend some quality time cuddling in bed, drinking tea or anythign really – as long as it is early in the morning and together. So I did (only twice) but I did it anyway… And I loved it – the smile on his face and the good mood it put him in was worth every last minute of sleep that I lost.
Coloured polish on my finger nails
 This may not seem like a big deal for most people but if you ask my sweet nail therapists, you will hear a shock horror story that this last week, I opted for a color (and a VERY bright color) on my nails. My poor nail lady, Slee nearly fell over backwards. I normally have your classic french manicure and I have done for years. But with the start of Spring and the gorgeous new colours in stock, I decided to be a bit more adventurous and have this gorgeous lumo pink colour. And again, I love it. And I have received endless compliments – everyone loves it too!
Go for a run
Again, this seems very normal for so many people. Especially in the blogging world. But I  HATE RUNNING. I always have and I thought I always would… But I have finally said yes to running. And I really didn’t mind it. I didn’t run too far or too fast, and I even walked in between. But that is okay because at least I got up and went for a run. And now I have loaded up my iPod and have bought some new running shoes because I am really going to run a whole lot more. Maybe even a teeny tiny race one day.
Did you join in and say yes this week?
If not, why not challenge yourself to say yes this next week?


  1. i love what you said about running being normal for people in the blogging world haha…but it's not my cup of tea either girl!

    i've been trying to say yes to going along for my husband's work dinners more often (he's in sales). i found out it's actually helpful to have me there as a buffer, and it's been fun to get extra date nights in too! good for you for taking the leap. xo.

  2. Ah mornings, yuck. D is the same – he is up and on the go, I am dead and would give anything to not have to wake up. He also says, that he would like if I got up and ate breakfast with him and chatted. Hard work…he he 🙂

  3. Waking up early can be SUCH a drag love. But once you get in the habit of it, there's such a feeling of productivity to it! 🙂

    That nail polish. To die for. I love color on the nails… Especially since I bite mine so bad. Love you doll. xoxox.

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