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27 September 2013|

27 September
An anonymous letter to your Facebook friends. Be as snarky as you’d like. (but don’t include people’s real names.) 


Dear Facebook friends,

I am proud to say that I know each and every one of you personally. We many not chat all the time or see each other all the time but we are genuinely friends along the way. 

I love that I can keep in touch with all you friends and family that live overseas. I get to see where you and what you are up to and take a peek at all your pictures. I feel involved seeing your engagement, wedding, birth, home, holiday and children photographs – all so much better than a coffee table photo album.

I am so proud of so many of you that have started your own businesses and I can see them booming on social media. I am more than happy to advertise and “share” your discounts and specials, launches and open days, products and images.
Well done to you all!

Just a small warning that if I walk past you in the street and you fail to greet or acknowledge me, we will no longer be Facebook friends. What is the point in that?

If you are my Facebook friend and your status is a complaint about seeing constant images of your friends children (including mine), then please delete me as a friend. I will not delete you and cause unnecessary tension but if you cannot bear to see my child, we shouldn’t be friends.

I find it unfair to blame Facebook for any damaged friendships or cheating and affairs. Facebook or the internet may make it slightly easier to find a certain person but it still proves what time of person you may be. I don’t for a second think that Facebook made you cheat, you did that all by yourself. Private inbox messages are for personal or trivial, not for everybody information (planning a surprise party or mundane catch ups), not explicit or scandalous, saucy messages. 

I am happy to admit that as much as I love some of you, you have been hidden from my news feed because I am not a fan of your rant and rave status updates. This is your opinion, which you are entitled to, but I choose not to read them every day. I do not wish to slam my country, complain publicly or bad mouth another person or company. I keep my opinions away from social media.

I am happy to see your food pics and gym updates as long as it is not your every gym class or of your stalker pic of someone else in the gym. The same goes for your woe is me, I have to wake up early, but I’m still fat, but will eat more chocolate status updates. Those I am not a fan of! I love food and therefore love seeing new food pics and exciting recipes, as well as restaurant reviews. I am also proud of anyone who works hard and does well in the gym or their respective exercise programs.

I absolutely do not play any games on Facebook. Please do not add me to your animal farm, birthday list, love quotes or any other random groups or games. It’s a no from me.

If you are my true friend, you will know and accept that I love to countdown to special occasions, I love sharing pictures and albums, I like to express my love and appreciation for my husband, friends and family and I may sometimes check in at a venue. If you don’t like my status updates, feel free to hide me on your news feed – I know it’s not everyone.

Long live the legacy that is Facebook.
It keeps me connected.

Love Caley x


What would you say to your Facebook friends?
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  1. Girl. I hate how many people say facebook makes them unhappy. Hey, we are all trying to put our best foot forward -in life and online- so let's stop pretending it's just facebook.

    Also, I'm the biggest fan of "hiding".

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