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25 September 2013|

25 September

Write about a time you screwed up – a mistake you

I am proud to say that I have never really made a VERY BIG mistake in my life, just a few small ones. Small mistakes that haven’t made a very big deal, and have never been a huge problem for me or anyone else involved. Although it would have been nice to have never made these silly mistakes in the first place…
Although I truly believe that every mistake is a valuable life lesson.

A list of my few silly mistakes:
Spraying bleach on to coloured clothing
Wearing coloured underwear under white clothing
Forgetting to do things on time (in the workplace)
Not setting an alarm
Arriving at the wrong venue
Mixing up the start time to a wedding 
Losing 5 years in a destructive, immature relationship
Spending too much energy on people who aren’t worth it
Feeling guilty in family situations
Doing an illegal u-turn in a busy road
Blaming the oven for my burnt banana bread
Wearing jeans with a broken zip
Caring what other people think or say about me
Not taking my daily vitamins
A few spelling errors
Too many mathematical errors

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What are your big mistakes?
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