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20 Sep 2013|

20 September

React to this term: comfort

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In my eyes, comfort is…

Being in my own space
Accepting and loving myself
The arms of my husband wrapped around me
His gentle touch when we get into bed at night
The smile from SJ when she sees me in the morning
SJ’s evening ritual of saying “Night night” and ” I la la (love you)”
Parking in the garage after a long, but safe journey home
The “I’m thinking of you” text
The genuine smile on a friendly face
The sound of the first heartbeat and the first cry
The excitement of getting the keys to our first home
Getting down on one knee and asking me to be his forever
The sparkle and promise in his eye at the end of the aisle
A warm cup of tea and Ouma’s rusk
The smell of baking bread
The first ray of sunshine after a storm
The Amen at the end of each prayer
The puffy white duvet and warm, cosy bed
The first forkful of a home cooked roast
The sound of that first “mama”
The signing of a job contract
Every “I love you”

What does comfort mean to you?
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  1. oh, I love this all! Especially "The genuine smile on a friendly face".
    There are a lot of things one this list that I have yet to experience but am looking toward to!

  2. I love this so much:) Bread, sunshine, cozy duvet– yes ma'am 🙂 Can't wait to experience some of the other things on your list one day!

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