10 Year School Reunion

18 September 2013| ,

2003: Grade 12 Year
2013: 10 Year School Reunion

10 years?! Really?
OMG! Freak out! Nervous sweats! Another freak out!
Actually, no. No freak outs. Pure excitement.

I don’t know what it is about reunions that freak every body out, although I seemed to notice a common trend that the girls that didn’t feel like they really fitted in at school are the same people that aren’t so keen on reunions. I seemed to fit in with most things at school – I had a good group of friends, I got B grades, I was in a few sports teams, I acted in a few productions and the fashion show and I interacted with boys. I didn’t feel inferior or left out in any way. But I also never made anyone else feel like they were different or any less of a good person either, I wasn’t a mean girl.

10 years later, I am lucky enough to have a degree, be married and have a baby girl. But again, I don’t proclaim to have made it or be any better than anyone else. I am happy and comfortable in myself, and the life I live. So I was more than happy to visit our old school and old school mates.

Our head girl and I organised a day of fun.

A morning of school sports against the current Matric sports teams. A morning of fun and laughter and intense levels of fitness and a few injuries – all signs that we are getting old!

All dressed and ready for sports day (except the pregnant fairy)

In hockey action…

Our “Old girls” hockey team

In netball action

The young and old netball teams

Haha, not so much soccer going on!!

Keep Calm and Play

An afternoon of high tea and a quick catch up with old friends and teachers, and an interesting tour around the school to see how things have changed.

The tea

School badge cake

Matrics of 2003

School hall 
Beautiful school courtyard

Lesson in our old Biology lab

School friends

An evening of dinner and drinks, fun games and prizes and plenty catch ups and reminiscing about the good old days. What an awesome day of swapping stories, remembering sweet and terrible memories and being 18 all over again!

Dinner venue

My oldest school friend, Mel 
Our only take of a group shot – camera died on me!!

Have you had your school reunion yet?
What are your views on reunions?


  1. my 10 year reunion was 2012 and I couldn't make it!!! Fortunately I am still good friends with a lot of my school mates, in fact we are having an unofficial reunion next weekend at a friends wedding in the Berg! There are about 10 of us who have been friends since grade 1 in 1991 (gasp) and we will all be together again at the end of the month!!!!

  2. Looks like a great reunion!

    We had our ten year reunion a few years ago. I was one of the few unmarried, no babies from my year. Most of my class skipped the formal reunion and met up at the pub for a catch up. Nice going guys!

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