Week 8: If I could have one superpower…

05 August 2013|

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Week 8: If I could have one superpower…


It would be to be invisible.
Haha, I am one very nosy and inquisitive person.
I like to know things, and see things.
I am that person that at Christmas time, will drive past house to see if their curtains are open so that I can see their Christmas decorations.
I was always the little person eyeing out other kids lunch boxes to see what their parents had packed for them each day.
I am the person who goes house hunting on a Sunday just to have a sneak at the decor and style of other homes.
I am the blogger who reads every “About” page and stalks older posts when I find a new blog – never mind their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds too. And wants to come visit to be real life friends and experience first hand what happens on your blog.
I am the person who can sit at a shopping centre or airport for hours, watching people go by, wondering where they have come or where they are going and scout what they are wearing or shopping for.
I am the teacher that wants to know as much information to a child background or home and family life as possible.
I am the girlfriend/wife/friend who wants to know what my partner/friend is thinking or saying about me when I am not there (only the good stuff!)
I am that person.
And if I were invisible, it would make this all much much easier.
And a lot less creepy…
What superpower would you want?


  1. I am exactly the same!! I often challenge my friends to go out for coffee or to a movie on their own (which I do regularly) just to be able to sit quietly and observe…. My husband and I also often play the "what's their story" game when we are out, trying to guess what people are talking about, what challenges they are facing, what their love story is all about etc. Def makes life interesting!!!

  2. I would also choose invisibility… hands down! I'm equally nosy and like to have the low down on everything that's going on. No surprises for this girl 😉


  3. That was my choice also! I would love the chance to see people's true personalities and ALSO being able to hide out for 5 minutes of peace and quiet every now and then. : )
    Stopping by from Becky's blog.

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